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Park Report
June 13, 2004
Safeco Field
Montreal Expos at Seattle Mariners

Final Score: 8-1, Seattle


Space Needle...
New but Old...
The Magnificent Monica...
The Roof Closes...
Mariner Moose...
Past Glory...


Ticket Price:

$55.00 Club seat, 2nd level third base line

Public Transit:

Bus - Downtown Location


$20 in covered garage attached to field (most expensive thus far)

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Chicken Caesar Salad - Best Hot Dog EVER

If it fell over, the Space Needle would fit inside "The Safe" with 50 feet to spare.

Dominant Color:




95% Outstanding attendance for last place team vs. last place team


They love their Mariners – Real family experience


Unique Adjective:








This park is a gem! Situated next to where the old Kingdome was located in a downtown area, this park embodies everything that is baseball in North America. Easy access to concessions, parking, restaurants, never a crowd problem even though it was almost sold out. Why do people insist on protecting Fenway Park?

Our seats were padded leather with waitress service. You give your credit card with the first order and keep an open tab until she starts closing charges in the sixth inning. As you order, Monica the Magnificent would punch the order into a hand held computer and the food would be delivered almost before she left for her next customer. I had absolutely the best hot dog I have ever eaten, even better than the giant ones at Slots-A-Fun in Las Vegas. I mentioned this to Monica and she brought out the chef, Will Rollins, to shake my hand. Class act!

This being Seattle, the stadium was built with a retractable roof. We arrived early and the roof was open. Just before the start of the game a front blew through bringing sheets of rain and the roof was closed. Sun was out by the time the game started but roof remained closed for the entire game. My only experience with sliding roofs was in Milwaukee last year. There, when the roof is closed it was like you were in a coffin having the lid closed. Here the roof is not connected to the sides and therefore, you can see outside light at all times. Much better, although I would have preferred the roof open when the weather cleared.

The game scoreboard is mechanical like Fenway's. Nice touch. Out of town scores are electrical and are not always available as that area is used for advertising between innings. When the Expo’s manager came out to change the pitcher, public address system played "They’re coming to take you away." As the vanquished pitcher headed for the dugout, the song changed to "Hit the road Jack." I'm not sure about the sportsmanship of this but it did give me a chuckle.

Park rates a 10 without question. Home teams are now 8 – 1 in my visits.

- Joe Wagg