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Park Report
April 10, 2004
Fenway Park
Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox

Final Score: 4-1, Boston


A Moldy Oldy...


The Famous Citgo Sign..


A View From The Stands...


Swing Batter!


Looking For Daisies...


Ticket Price:


Public Transit:

Subway, Bus


Forget about it!

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Hilltop Steakhouse Tips
Legal Sea Foods Chowder (sold out by 4th inning)

A "fen" is a swamp. Citgo sign is a protected landmark.

Dominant Color:






Knowledgeable and attentive


Unique Adjective:








My original plan was to save Fenway Park for last, probably a World Series game against the Cubs.  However, a Boston Globe colleague, Mr. Paul Reiser, offered me his seats to the above-captioned game so I had to accept. You see Paul's seats, while not inexpensive ($70.00), are about as good as it gets, 6 rows from the rail, first base line, between the dugout and the screen.  The fabulous Gina agreed to attend so I begin my quest with company, at home.

I have already visited many Major League parks so it is not without knowledge that I state my belief that Fenway Park is the most uncomfortable venue I will visit this year.  Small seats, angled away from play, horrendous foot traffic patterns and a general feeling "if I had to get out of here in a hurry, I'd be in trouble."  Paul's seats however have the redeeming value of being up close and angled toward the pitcher's mound, which is perfect.

The new owners have done a good job trying to make this dump more "fan friendly".  New seating on top of the Green Monster and atop the right field grandstand offer views from above, something sorely lacking in this park. 

The carnival atmosphere created by closing off Yawkey Way is really a nice touch. You actually give your ticket to an attendant outside the park and are admitted to a street fair with food and souvenirs. I'm not sure how this works during light rain.

Also, it's nice to go to a park that isn't named for some large corporation.

As bad as the seats are here, the overall rating is a 9 because the park is filled with fans in the true sense of the word. It’s not like California games where people show up late, leave early and spend their time at the park sampling sushi and looking pretty. This is all about baseball.

- Joe Wagg