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Park Report
July 25, 2004
Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Toronto Blue Jays

Final Score: 5-3, Toronto


The Dome Open...
The stance...
A No-Beer Zone...
Nearby Needle...
Space for rent...


Ticket Price:

$42C alleged club seat - first base line($1 US = 76¢ Canadian)

Public Transit:

Easy, downtown location



Beer & Dog Price:

$9.01C - Honest!

Best Concession:

Severely lacking in creative concessions

The roof has caused unusual problems. When open, it causes a downdraft that swats potential home runs into the outfield. In 2001, the panels crashed into each other, raining debris down on the Kansas City Royals.

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:








This is a beautiful edifice that has been corrupted by management. Old style artificial turf with every seam visible, the whole warning track is plastic, screwed up seat numbering and non-responsive employees. Add to this the most docile fans in the history of the game and you have a place that just isn't much fun to visit regardless of the quality of the game.

I sat in Club Seats (200 level). No waitress service, screwed up seat numbering, one end of the row starts with #1, the other end of the same row starts with 101. Seat 10 is next to seat 110. The leg room reminded me of the balcony at the Colonial Theater in Boston, built around the turn of the century. The stretched out best you could do was a 90 degree angle at the knee. Any extension was physically impossible and if people wanted to get past you to their seats and were carrying food, it was almost impossible.

Ready for this. A First! No beer is allowed in the men's room! For crying out loud, if there wasn't any beer, you wouldn't need any men's room. They have two restaurants in the outfield, Windows Buffet and a ubiquitous Hard Rock Cafe. The only problem is you can't get into them from the ballpark. You can only enter from the street and if you want to leave the park to go to these restaurants, you are denied re-entry.

But the worst part of the experience (for me) was the 17,000 odd people disguised as refugees from a nursing home. These were absolute lemmings. They sat there with their hands in their laps and only moved when the public address system tweaked them. I thought I was in a library. Trumpets blare and they react with a weak "charge!" They clap when necessary during the Mexican music (is this a Canadian thing?). The only time they actually became animated was between innings watching the Staple's Delivery Truck race. And then the announcer invites everyone to stay after the game for "adult run around the bases."

Another home team win in what was probably a pretty good game. Too bad the fans in attendance missed it.

- Joe Wagg