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Park Report
July 25, 2004
Jacobs Field
Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians

Final Score: 13-4, Detroit


Jacobs Field...


The eaterie...

It's Like Vegas, Baby...


Mueller on First...


Ticket Price:

$27 First row upper deck, right behind home plate

Public Transit:

Easy, downtown location


$5 in outside lot - 5 minute walk

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Bratwurst and brownies

The park was paid for by a special "luxury tax" on booze and cigarettes.

Dominant Color:






Hopeful = After all, they were down 6 - 0 before their first at bat


Unique Adjective:








I now have a new favorite park. This place has everything from a great downtown location to the most magnificent scoreboard I have ever seen. The amount of information obtainable from this huge video screen is fantastic. It is constantly changing to give One thing it shows is the entire batting order's batting average against the current pitcher. On top of that, the quality of the video is every bit as good as the newest video sign on Las Vegas Boulevard. The video portion of the display stretches across four bleacher sections with approximately 24 seats in each section.

Now for the out of town scoreboard. It shows the current score, the current batter, the current inning and which bases are occupied. I knew from watching the scoreboard that Jorge Posada had hit a grand slam for the Blasted Yankees. While this feature is intermittent, it's as good as it gets.

Cleveland is experiencing a renaissance of sorts and this park plays a big part in this renewal. Gund Arena is right across the street. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has become a big hit. Gone are the Pittsburgh-like smoke stacks and the poor air quality and the lake that catches on fire. Downtown is alive with clubs and restaurants after dark.

It's surprising that a massive stadium like this only seats 43,000. Perhaps that’s why the seats are wide and comfortable. This stadium was built with the fans in mind. In the cruise industry, we have a term called space ratio by which a ship's relative comfort is measured. It's a mathematical formula relating cubic feet to the number of passengers. I believe this stadium would rank very favorably.

One regret. It rained from the bottom of the first inning until I finally left after the seventh inning. As a result I did not take as many photos as usual and I failed to eat anything (a Polish sausage was my goal) because I was so uncomfortable.

- Joe Wagg