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Park Report
May 30, 2004
Turner Field
Montreal Expos at Atlanta Braves

Final Score: 8-2, Atlanta


Ted's Toy...

Low Ball...

Local Fare...

Local Beer...

Empty Stands...

Memorial Day...

Boston Braves...


Ticket Price:

$18 2nd level in right field

Public Transit:



$10 on the site of the former Fulton County Stadium

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Average fare, but lots of choices

The Braves, who first played in Boston (Nickerson Field), were once owned by John Ward and James E. Gaffney, "chieftains" in New York's Tammany Hall political machine. The team was called the "Braves" because they worked for these chiefs.

Dominant Color:




50% - you'd think a successful team would draw better


Average fans mostly watching game


Unique Adjective:








The Braves were the National League's best team throughout the 90's. Even though they only won one World Series, they were in the playoffs every year. During that period this new stadium was built. Here we are, on Memorial Day, with a half-full house being constantly bombarded with self-promotion from the loud speakers at a level of decibels that was unhealthy! One would think the population of the Atlanta area would be more supportive.

Much cross-promotion within the Turner Companies and everything "brought to you by," including the out of town scoreboard. UGH!! One of the between innings promos had a fan trying to guess how much an item sold for at the Turner South Flea Market. They also set up a golf pin (flag) in center field and had contestants hit golf balls from behind home plate to see who could get closest to the pin.

Of course, the stadium itself has all the bells and whistles including a well used area in center field with eateries and interactive games for kids. Very popular prior to the games with T-shirt giveaways and the like. Also, something I liked, TV monitors showing every other games being played.

I found the seats to be a little wider than most of the other stadiums. Very comfortable, shoulder to shoulder.

I moved around to try all the areas. Once again, new stadium, no bad seats. However, ushers check ticket stubs in the more expensive seats so you can't buy a cheap seat and move to a better one.

In all honesty, this reminded me of a minor league, entertainment-oriented organization. In fact, one only has to go to a Boston Bruins (now minor league) game to get the same loud, obnoxious constant hammering at your auditory senses.

I gave the park an 8 because of the stadium itself, even though the outfield is symmetrical.

If I rated the whole experience, it would have to be only a 5.

- Joe Wagg