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Park Report
May 30 , 2004
Tropicana Field
New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Final Score: 7-6, Tampa Bay


Tropicana Field...

The Tilted Dome...

Saved a windshield...


The Promenade...



Ticket Price:

$9 upper deck between home and third

Public Transit:



$10 at the Park – lots are well marked and finding car was easy

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Turkey Legs, Cigar Bar

The dome glows orange at night if the Devil Rays win at home

Dominant Color:




50%, a really good crowd for here


Party time Rays fans – Concern for Yankees fans


Unique Adjective:








I think that those of you who know me know how I feel about indoors baseball. Having said that, I want you to know that I LIKE this place. The temperature outside was a very humid 92 and this was an afternoon game. I can't imagine sitting in the sun watching the game. The park is well maintained and a constant temperature of 74F. Seats are comfortable and as there were many empty seats, I sampled all the low priced seats. There is not a bad seat in the place and I might add that, depending on the game, tickets are as low as $3.00. My $9.00 seat against a lesser opponent would be only $3.00. This has to be the best dollar value in baseball.

Unfortunately, the Yankee fans outnumbered the Devil Rays fans about 2:1. So the increase in attendance was all Yankee fans. However, the Devil Rays jumped out early and were much louder than Yankee fans until the last couple of innings when the Yankees made an unsuccessful attempt to tie the game.

They do the funky things between innings that all the lower level teams do, such as power boat races on the video screen and a blimp that floats overhead and drops coupons from about thirty feet into the seats. I didn't get a picture of the blimp as my battery died in the fourth inning. At least they don't have cheerleaders as they did in Miami.

There are a myriad of dining options from an Outback Steakhouse to The Bullpen Café, Warning Track party area and The Beach in left field. There's also a Jack Daniels Billiard Hall. I wonder how much baseball you can watch while playing billiards.

Why spend $70 a ticket to see the Red Sox at home against the Devil Rays? That's $420 for three games. Why not fly to Tampa, about $168, and se three games here for $54. Plus, you can go to the beach in the daytime.

I only rate it a 7 because the fan support is not here. Otherwise it's right up there.

- Joe Wagg