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Park Report
July 31, 2004
Miller Park
Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers

Final Score: 4-1, Pittsburgh


Miller Park...
A decision underway...


Fallen workers...

Home Run Slide...

Brewers Clubhouse...


Ticket Price:

$17 Front Row fourth level first base line

Public Transit:




Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Several types of wursts - Guess I'm tired of ballpark food

At 1/2 million tons, Miller Park is the heaviest building in the state of Wisconsin.

Dominant Color:

Green everywhere except wall around field is Blue







Unique Adjective:

Bright and cheery







This park is new construction with a sliding roof similar to Seattle. I must confess that this is my third game at this venue. The other two were Red Sox games last year and the roof was closed for both games. This time the roof was open and it made all the difference in the world in the experience. When the roof closes, so do all the windows giving natural light making the place seem like a hockey arena. Open the roof and the windows and all the late afternoon light floods in making it more like a baseball field. True, the light is segmented into small areas of the field but it just seems better.

The roof closes from the third base line to right field and can close in ten minutes. Considering the weather here in early April, the roof makes sense. The Public Address system was completely unintelligible from where we were sitting (the Fabulous Gina was aboard) but the large centerfield scoreboard proved informative enough to cover any shortcomings. The grass in the infield needed help, perhaps a casualty of the closed roof and less sunlight.

Out in left field is Bernie Brewer's Slide, a platform high above left field where the mascot, Bernie Brewer hangs out the entire game. Every time a Brewer hits a homerun, Bernie does an acrobatic slide down a chute to a level about 20 feet below. Fireworks accompany the slide. I find this somewhat Mickey Mouse and the fireworks are minimal to say the least, compared with Cincinnati, Detroit and White Sox. Add to this the world famous sausage race and the side shows become somewhat overbearing.

A memorial to three construction workers who were killed when a crane overturned during construction of this park was well done and appropriate. This franchise is notorious for its frugalness when it comes to payroll. I’m surprised by the fan support for management unwilling to spend the money necessary to compete.

I can't say what it is that keeps this from being a ten. The experience is lacking some intangible item that I can't put my finger on at this time.

- Joe Wagg