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Park Report
August 3, 2004
Humphrey Metrodome
Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Final Score: 4-3, Minnesota


Metropark... Crowded crowd...
Who's valued more...
Lots of lines...
Jim and Katherine...
Glue Beer - yum...
Boston fading...


Ticket Price:

$23 just beyond first base 20 rows back

Public Transit:

Downtown location



Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Chicken Caesar wrap or Barbecue Sandwich

Ever wonder what happened to the Washington Senators? They moved to Minnesota.

Dominant Color:






Great fans


Unique Adjective:








This is a first and foremost a football stadium adapted for baseball. I've never been in a more uncomfortable venue. My section had 40 rows of 36 seats without any aisles. That's 1440 seats enclosed by aisles on either side with only one way out. I'd hate to see a fire drill here. The people in the front row have to walk up past 40 rows to get out. If you can get out. It seems the concession stands are right behind the section entrances. Lines from the concessions flow back to the entrance to the seats so that fans coming out can't get out due to the congestion. Add to this the rows are so close together you cannot comfortably get past the other denizens of your row without stepping on their feet. This place should be demolished at the first convenient opportunity.

There are good points. The very steep rise in the rows make for excellent sightlines. And the fans are absolutely wonderful. I can't think of any more positives. The "fence" in centerfield looks like an elongated Glad Bag. While the scoreboard gives all the information, it changes where certain things are displayed making in very difficult to find the info you're looking for quickly.

Gimmicks! Plenty of them, although I saw no races or hidden ball tricks. Here's a new one. They back a pickup truck into the right field corner and choose a fan in the upper deck to have three chances to throw a rubber baseball down from the top deck and make it stay in the bed of the truck.

Am I being harsh because the Red Sox threw away another game? I don’t think so.

Sat next to Jim and his daughter Katherine from San Bernardino, CA who are on their own 10 park baseball trip. Jim's a pretty large guy and I couldn't help but feel for him squeezed into the tiny space allotted by his seat.

I wish the hearty fans of Minnesota good luck with their new stadium chase and hope the architect takes the fans into consideration.

Home teams are now 15 – 5 .

- Joe Wagg