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Park Report
August 18, 2004
Bank One Ballpark
Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks

Final Score: 6-3, Arizona


Bank One Ballpark...

Plenty of Ad-space...

Frozen Fans...

When Giants Litter...

What, No Bobcat?...

Out of Town Board...


Ticket Price:

$42 Front row true club seat

Public Transit:



$15.00 covered parking

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Ben & Jerry's - Fresh fruit plates

In Phoenix's early days, half the streets were named after Indians, and the other half after the Presidents who killed them.

Dominant Color:






Muffy and Buffy


Unique Adjective:








This place looks like Tropicana Park without the overhead parachute. What we have here is a completely enclosed stadium with a sliding roof and real grass. The grass is a sickly yellow, probably from the lack of strong sunlight, although the roof was open when I arrived at my hotel about 3:00PM. In an environment where the average high temperature in July is 110 degrees, the roof makes sense. It's construction is similar to Milwaukee but when it is closed, you can't tell where each section ends as they are not staggered in height.

Also similar to Tropicana is the Pepsi blimp that drops coupons. The similarities end there. On a night when you could buy an outfield seat for $1.00, they couldn't attract more than 27,000. I wonder what the attendance would have been without the promotion. This from a team that was World Series champions three years ago.

All seats point toward second base, are very comfortable and have good leg room. A nice touch is the vertical scoreboards located above the third deck in both outfields. But what's with the swimming pool in right field? There were people playing basketball in the pool during the game. These are baseball fans? Then they have a promotion for a new car. If a Diamondbacks player hits a home run directly into the pool (a real poke) during a particular inning, a pre-selected fan will win a lease on a new Nissan. Finally, the mascot is Baxter the Bobcat. What this has to do with a rattlesnake I don't understand. Walking around the concourse I found the usual stands and the children's area in the outfield, along with a very large Diamondbacks logo shop. I guess I'm turned off by the fact that baseball is big business and their goal is to extract from you as many dollars as possible.

A comfortable venue with pathetic support. The extremely high prices here may play a part in the lack of support

- Joe Wagg