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Park Report
August 17, 2004
Petco Park
Atlanta Braves at San Diego Padres

Final Score: 11-6, San Diego


Petco Park...


Swell Suites...

A Mid-Wicket Googly...

Strange Seats...

The Field...

Wrong Wrong Wrong...


Ticket Price:

$20 Front row third level behind plate

Public Transit:

Trolley from Old Town (free parking) $4.00


$15.00 take the trolley

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Fish Tacos

When the park was being built, you could buy bricks with an inscription on them. One reads "Break Open Your Cold Ones. Toast The Padres. Enjoy This Champion Organization." Get a piece of paper and write down just the capitalized letters. (This brick was sponsored by PETA).

Dominant Color:






Watchful degenerating to silly as game got out of hand


Unique Adjective:








If it wasn't for the lousy out of town scoreboard, this would without a question be my number one park. It has more strange angles in the outfield than a shattered mirror. Just beyond the right field foul pole one section of seats juts out into the field of play creating a crevice which could be challenging. The left field foul pole is actually the corner of a pre-existing building which was rehabbed and incorporated into the park. The ghosts of Camden Yards appear here.

As for the scoreboard, it is intermittent, alternating between AL and NL. At one time it showed (see picture) the final score of the Red Sox game as 4 – 4 and had the pitchers pitching for the opposite teams. This was corrected but intermittent scores are a no-no!

Having said all this, there are also some strange things here. First of all the outside of the park is made of large sand colored blocks. I'd swear I was in Morocco. There is a tower down each foul line that is higher than the last row of the third deck. It contains suites of some sort with sliding glass doors and terraces but only on two levels. Weird.

The home team has a beautiful two level enclosed bull pen in left center field. The visitors have a bench in foul territory down the right field line. I don't think I've ever seen such an inequity in facilities in any other park. My seat was in row 3 but there was no 1 or 2 so I was in the front row. The folks next to me bought an extra large soda only to find it did not fit in the drink holders at the seat. Evidently this team is lacking tradition as I did not see any retired numbers except for a white 42 (Jackie Robinson) atop what is certainly the ugliest center field backdrop in either league.

Prior to the game a cricket game was exhibited in center field. I thought the fans were very polite and classy while cheering for the cricket players. Also, the first shoe shine stand I've seen at a park. There may be others, but I haven't seen them.

Take the scoreboard from Cleveland and put it here and you would have the best park in baseball. A definite ten.

- Joe Wagg