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Park Report
June 19, 2004
SBC Park
Boston Red Sox at San Francisco Giants

Final Score: 6-4, San Francisco


Formerly Pac Bel...
AKA Grill and Grumble...
Have a Coke and a Slide...
Up High...
Hoping for a homer...
Costly Concessions...
Long lines...
Ex-Red Sox Fan...


Ticket Price:

$23.00 upper deck behind home plate- service fee of $69.50-total $92.50 for one ticket

Public Transit:

Trolley - downtown


$20.00 take the trolley $1.25

Beer & Dog Price:

$11.00 outrageous

Best Concession:

Don’t know – couldnt afford any

The giant coke bottle is filled with several different types of playground slides.

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:








We're batting 100% for new parks. Although not up to the standards of some of the other new parks, the fans and the real estate make this a resounding ten. Physically, there are many negatives that take away from the experience. This park compares poorly to other new parks in the following areas:

Not enough urinals. Long lines throughout the game – unacceptable BTW- Ladies rooms did not seem to experience this problem.

  1. Seats were less spacious than those in other parks. Sitting between two portly gentlemen was worse than a six hour ride in the middle seat in coach.
  2. This was the first park where sitting in the "view seats," i.e. third deck, I had trouble seeing the play. The seats are not angled steeply enough to avoid obstructions to view. Unfortunate construction.
  3. While they do not do the "Mickey Mouse" races and contests between innings, they do play the loudest, most obnoxious music.
  4. Egress – Stalled lines, long waits while marching out of the park.
  5. Concessions prices out of this world. Cheapest beer - $7.25 First park in which I did not have a beer.

Having said all this, it is a wonderful place to watch a ball game. The beauty is not in the ball park itself, but in the absolutely tremendous location of the stadium. With views of water, sailing boats, commercial fishing boats and cargo vessels sailing by, not to mention the bridges and land masses, no other stadium could match this scene. Taken with its downtown location and easy accessibility via public transportation, this would be hard to beat were the stadium itself more comfortable.

Congratulations to the Stanford Madrigal Singers for their outstanding rendition of the National Anthem. Sung in just the right tempo in 8 part harmony, this is how our nation’s song should be sung.

I love the angles in the outfield. This would appear to be a hitter’s park and I bet it leads both leagues in triples. Bottom line is rabid fans who know their baseball in a fabulous setting. Home teams are now 10 – 1 in my visits.

P. S. The woman in the photo section was opposite me on the trolley after the game. Her name is Beatrice Cummings. She originally came from Boston and used to watch Ted Williams. Now a Giant fan. She represents the fact that baseball crosses all ages, races and economic conditions. Click here to read a letter from Beatrice.

- Joe Wagg