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Park Report
August 6, 2004
Camden Yards
Texas Rangers at Baltimore Orioles

Final Score: 9-1, Baltimore


Camden Yards...

Real Grass...

Mmmm, crab...

50th Anniversary...

Worms for the Big Apple...

Fierce Fans...


Ticket Price:

$20 front row upper deck behind plate

Public Transit:

Great downtown location - light rail



Beer & Dog Price:

$10.25 ouch

Best Concession:

Crab cakes and Barbecue

There is no such bird as a Baltimore Oriole anymore. The name was officially changed to the Northern Oriole when it was discovered that Bullock's Oriole was the same species. Now they are both Northern Orioles.

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:








We must salute the trend setters. Oriole Park was the first of a new breed whose innovative ideas about what a ball park should be have been copied by all the new parks since. I'm sure they were the first to have ATMs as they are necessary for you to pay for the high priced concessions. Only SBC Park in San Francisco outdoes this place for gouging. Crab cakes are $10.00, $12.00 with beans and slaw. However, not found anywhere else, they have a Little League dog and soda for $2.00, a true break for a father with three kids.

Speaking of concessions, the concession employees were about as friendly as they get, smiling and joking vs. the usual "whaddya want?" The only thing keeping this from being absolutely the best place to watch baseball is the antiquated white-bulb-on-a-black-background scoreboard. Seats are wide and rows are no more than 12 seats, many only 9 seats, making for easy in and out. This was only the second park so far to address the umpires as Mr. Also, on the second "O" of the national anthem (OH say does that) the crowd shouts O for Orioles. Unusual. Also strange was that the outfield fences are not topped in yellow as they are in every other park .

Escalators are in short order, only one on each end of the stadium so I can tell you that it is 108 steps up to the third level. There are no cupholders at the seats, not a big deal but it is something I have come to look for. The second level club seats are old style, no waitress service. This is the 50th anniversary of the Orioles move to Baltimore from St. Louis. They have a great tradition here but were perpetual losers as the Browns. There are many hotels within walking distance but they are expensive anytime the Orioles are home.

Thank you Baltimore for the modern ballpark.

- Joe Wagg