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Park Report
August 12, 2004
Ameriquest Field
New York Yankees at Texas Rangers

Final Score: 5-1, Blasted Yankees


Amerique$t Field...

Laid Back Fan...

Ranger in training...

Boring Board...

Angels in the hands of a devil...

Fierce Fans...

Fahrenheit Field...


Ticket Price:

$20 fourth row center field next to Yankees bullpen

Public Transit:



$15.00 and still a 3/4 mile walk

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Catfish - cheese fries - turkey leg

Ameriquest Mortgage paid $75,000,000 for naming rights at the park April 2004. The deal is good for 30 years.

Dominant Color:






Laid Back


Unique Adjective:








This is an absolutely gorgeous park that truly incorporates the old with the new. All the bells and whistles of the new parks with an old park feeling, particularly in the outfield. The entire right field section looks like it was taken from Ebbetts Field, complete with view obstructing I beams. Only Fenway and Wrigley still have these and that's because they're OLD! Concession areas and rest rooms were never a problem with respect to crowds. Very spacious and airy "under the stands."

Centerfield is a virtual playground for the kids, having several interactive areas (at a cost) such as a mini ball park for kids to bat pitched whiffle balls (5 pitches for $2). There's a pitching station and another smaller whiffle ball area for younger kids. A larger than life statue of Nolan Ryan and a "misting" area (it gets HOT here). Also in center field, the largest in-park merchandise shop I've ever seen. It was packed with people but most left empty handed. Yankee logos dominated the crowd by a 3 – 1 margin. The locals just don't wear the gear. They come in baseball hats, but from local softball and high school teams. At least I didn't see a lot of Cowboys gear as you do in Boston (Patriots).

My seat was in centerfield, directly opposite the setting sun and right above the visitor's bullpen. It was actually interesting watching El Duque warm up before the game and observing the workings of the bullpen crew during the game. For instance, some members of the bullpen staff constantly monitored the Rangers Media Guide during the game. Also, the late closers, Rivera and Gordon, didn't show up until the fifth inning.

The only negative I could find was the lack of markings for the section numbers. I eventually found my section by spotting a black electrical tape 3 on the ground at the top of the section. Nowhere else was there a 3 to be found. Also, while I enjoyed the seats, they were situated behind the out of town scoreboard which I enjoy watching and the information on the facade scoreboards was minimal to say the least.

Another perfect example of why Fenway must go!

- Joe Wagg