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Park Report
August 24, 2004
Arizona Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh Pirates

Final Score: 3-1, Pittsburgh


PNC Park Home of the Sirens of PNC...
Roberto Clemente... Popcorn?... Take the Board to the Game...
Effective Lights...Pittsburgh Seafood...


Ticket Price:

$26 eight rows from field just beyond first base

Public Transit:

Downtown location


$10.00 covered lot - 2 minute walk

Beer & Dog Price:

$6.25 Best price in the Majors

Best Concession:

Potato Pierogie - Fish sandwich

Pirates who don't live in Pittsburgh must pay 1% of their salary towards upkeep for the park. On average, that's worth $7,000,000 a year.

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:





This place has it all and if you can get past the exorbitant pricing for club seats, every other aspect of this venue is a major league bargain. Located right on the river across the Roberto Clemente bridge from the downtown business area it is easily accessible. The tourist boats blow their horns as they pass by while the game is on. The Pittsburgh skyline looms over the centerfield fence. It just doesn't get any better than this.

An outstanding out of town scoreboard dominates right field. You can tell how many on and how many out although they don't display the pitcher's number. Left field holds the video scoreboard with all the information necessary. There is a short left field porch of seats behind a wall of about ten feet. They must hit a lot of home runs here, but then again, it IS the Pirates after all. All seats are angled to second base and seem very wide and comfortable. Also, the distance between rows seems to be more than the average park as it is not a pain when people come by you with food.

I did not know that Pittsburgh has become a leader in Robotics. Outside the park before the game there was a demonstration of all different sorts of robots, the strangest of which was a loping dog that changed directions on a dime. The area immediately surrounding the park is made up of rehabbed warehouses now restaurants and bars which were all jammed despite the small attendance at the park.

At the start of the game the video center stages a pirate ship battle worthy of Las Vegas. A ship flying the Pirates flag destroys ships bearing the flag of every other National League team. I enjoyed it which is unusual because most of the crap they do on video boards throughout baseball is really irritating. One other oddity with the scoreboard. The facade scoreboards display the balls, strikes and outs as baseballs. The only park not to use numbers.

An absolute 10 and perhaps the best park in baseball.

- Joe Wagg