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Park Report
May 22, 2004
Citizens Bank Park
San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies

Final Score: 9-6, San Diego


Citizens Bank Park...

One Homerun, and look what happened to the bell!

The Philly Fanatic....


The infield...

Fancy sign...


Ticket Price:

$18 Upper deck at the right field foul pole

Public Transit:

Orange Line subway – easy


$10 – about a fifteen minute walk

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Philly cheesesteak, Turkey Hill ice cream, barbecue in right field

The Philadelphia Phillies are the oldest team to have kept the same name in the same city

Dominant Color:






Fans watching baseball, throwing back visitor’s homeruns


Unique Adjective:








Game time (7:00pm) temperature 92° F. In May! There's something to be said for brand new ball parks. This place was so clean it almost squeaked. Wide open concession areas, children's playground with pitching skills test and just a real sense of space. Five levels of seating with a food court-like area in center and left field.

My seat was row one in the third level (pavilion) in right field for $18.00. Exactly the same seat (left field) in Boston would be called a Monster Seat and cost $50.00. Another example of why a new park is needed in Boston. However, unless you are in the first row 
you cannot see the plays in deep right field, including home runs (3 this game). Also, right field seats cannot see the out of town scoreboard (this looks suspiciously as if it were copied from Pittsburgh).

Speaking of the scoreboard, it shows current situations of all games. At a glance you tell the score, the inning, which team is at bat, how many outs and which bases are occupied. Excellent information if only there weren't so many bulbs not working.

The video screen in left field was the best I've ever seen, showing unusual angle replays of even the most routine ground ball. Unfortunately, they did not show replays of visitor home runs.

Park is located next to Lincoln Financial Stadium, home of the Eagles(football). It is also across the street from The Spectrum, home of the Flyers (hockey) and, I think, the 76ers (basketball).

All pro teams in same area, using the same parking lots. I could envision a time some May when three teams were playing at the same time. This would be a problem for parking and traffic.

Park rates a ten. As good as it gets.

- Joe Wagg