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Park Report
July 28, 2004
Great American Ball Park
St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds

Final Score: 11-10, St. Louis

Great American Ball Park...Home Run!...

Hello Kentucky...
At the ready...
The pitch...
The diamond...


Ticket Price:

$16.00 – Third row top deck to left of home plate

Public Transit:

Bus - downtown location


$10 under cover - 10 minute walk

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Cheddar dog - Veggie dog

Some of the home run fireworks effects are simulated by a mister and motorized catherine wheels.

Dominant Color:

Green field - red seats





Family fun


Unique Adjective:








Another city that has revitalized its waterfront with sports venues. Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Bengals, is next door on one side and a sports arena is on the other side. All relatively new builds. Signage for public parking is not to be found anywhere however. The major lots are for season ticket holders only. The only way I could find a spot to park was to head away from the waterfront, back into the city and park in one of the lots used by businessmen during the daytime hours. In fairness, the signage is a city problem, not a Reds problem.

This stadium, while very similar to all the other new builds, has a different feel to it as the mezzanine area is open to natural light, not enclosed like most others. Also, the section I sat in, the 400 level, is only found on the third base side. As an aside, I would recommend sitting on the third base side as the view to the river and the Kentucky shore beyond is lovely.

Another oddity was the number of elderly fans in attendance. Walkers, wheel chairs and scooters were in abundance, and most of the old goats (at my age I can say that) were wearing Reds logo wear. In fact, the majority of those in attendance were wearing Reds logo gear. Viewing the stands, it was hard to determine which were red empty seats. They do all the video games including a new one to me; "The Eye Chart Challenge" A fan is asked to read the video screen which displays four words, one at a time, in diminishing font size. How exciting! Should have picked one of the old timers to try it.

Lots of homers in this one including a pinch hit grand slam by Barry Larkin. Fireworks from centerfield were more colorful than those in Chicago. Wouldn't this structure look beautiful on the Boston waterfront!

Home teams now 12 – 4 in my visits.

- Joe Wagg