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Park Report
July 29, 2004
Comerica Park
Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers

Final Score: 3-2, Detroit


Comerica Park...

Getting ready...

Catch a Tiger by the tail...

The field...

Nice catch!...

Gary the Florist...


Ticket Price:

$25.00 Front row Upper Deck to the right of home plate

Public Transit:

Downtown location


$20 outside

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Catfish sandwich

Instead of fireworks, this field features a dancing fountain and light show called "Liquid Fireworks."

Dominant Color:






Great baseball fans


Unique Adjective:








This is more a report on the City of Detroit than on Comerica Park. Looking out my hotel window I could only wonder whether I'd be safe walking to and from the park. The boarded up buildings, torn up streets, panhandlers, etc left me wondering about my decision to stay downtown. Guess what? GREAT move! I met at least five locals on my way to the park. Now I'm not reticent to speak to strangers but I don't do it as a habit. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the architecture of the city was, even if it was in a sad state. I was looking at a beautiful building built in 1916 when I met Gary, proprietor of Red Rose Florist in the building. He invited me inside to see the murals on the ceilings. He is representative of what is trying to happen in Detroit and Comerica Park is the beginning.

I had heard negative reports on this park. They proved unfounded. This is the beginning of the gentrification of Detroit. A beautiful new park with all the bells and whistles. The huge scoreboard was situated near the left field foul pole so as not to block the view of the city in center field. The concourse is very similar to Cincinnati with the exception that there are many more children's activities provided. This is really a family ball park.

The left field fence has been moved in from the original distance (what were they thinking of when they built the stands so far away?). Even the seats out in the right field corner were angled toward home plate, comfortable with great sight lines.

I met Joe from South Boston and Brandon from Chicago. They were in Cincinnati with me and will be in Chicago tomorrow. Red Sox hats are everywhere!

Three first time happenings. They show the local score on the out of town scoreboard. They have an Autograph Area before the game with one ballplayer signing autographs before the game. They have a Negro League concession area selling regalia from the old Negro League. I hope some of the proceeds go the now elderly players who did not receive the benefits of their Major League Baseball brothers.

This park is a ten all the way!

- Joe Wagg