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Park Report
August 3, 2004
Kauffman Stadium
Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals

Final Score: 12-4, Chicago


Kauffman Stadium...
Royal sunset...
The fabulous Gina...
Bellagio it Ain't...
Monarchs, Royals - get it...
Blue, just like the park...


Ticket Price:

$25 club seats at home plate

Public Transit:




Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:


Park was originall called Royals Stadium, but when the owner Ewing Kauffman died, the renamed the park as a tribute.

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:








Kauffman Stadium is as aesthetically pleasing as they come. It is hard to believe that this place is 30 years old. It has many of the features of the Camden Yards era ballparks. Fan comfort is the key here. In 1967 funding was passed for the building of two new stadiums for the A's and the Chiefs. Charlie Finley couldn't wait and moved his team to Oakland. An expansion team was awarded in 1971 and the first game was played here in 1973. Don't forget this was the time of Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh and Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, two absolutely awful venues. The vision of the builders of this park is incredible.

Having said that, it is painfully evident that Kansas City is a football town. Fan interest is lukewarm. Those that bother to attend yawn their way through the game. Attempts by the public address system to rouse the fans to action are mostly ignored and as a result become irritating. However, empty seats equate with freedom to sit where you choose. The Fabulous Gina and I moved from the expensive club seats to the cheap seats down the right field line. As an aside, I've had "club seat" in five or six of the parks I've visited. I believe Major League Baseball should govern the nomenclature of tickets uniformly throughout the league. The only thing club about these seats was that they were under a roof, next to the press box where no circulating air could reach on a night when game time temperature was 94 degrees. No waitress service, no upscale concessions. That’s O.K., but don’t call it a club seat if there isn't any club!

All seats in the park face second base. There are no bleachers. The outfield is symmetrical as was the trend in those days. This park was originally Astroturf. Congrats to whoever decided grass would work just fine. My biggest complaint was the lack of an out of town scoreboard. The out of town scores were shown every two innings half an inning for each league. A large video screen was added to left center, but there is not a lot of information disseminated here.

Park gets a 9 and would be better with more fan animation.

- Joe Wagg