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Park Report
August 15, 2004
Angel Stadium
Detroit Tigers at Anaheim Angels

Final Score: 3-2, Anaheim


Angel Stadium...

Waffling Wind...

Ask the umpire to clean your plate...

Kentucky Bluegrass...

Don't steal faster than your angels can fly...

Not a UFO - just cotton candy...

Translation - Cherubs on a Stick...


Ticket Price:

$32 Terrace Seat just to left of home plate

Public Transit:

Metro-Link Forget it!


$8 Easy

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Standard fare, but fairly priced (get it?)

The "feature" in the outfield is supposed to model the California coastline. (Disney's new theme park California was under development during the stadium's recent renovation.)

Dominant Color:








Unique Adjective:








It is hard to believe that this park is 38 years old. The similarities to the brand new parks are many while the discomforts of the older parks are still present. Seats are narrow and leg room is at a minimum. The concourse area is wide and escalators and wide ramps are available for the upper deck denizens. By the way, I wish I were in the upper deck at $20.00 rather than where I was sitting at $32.00. I felt confined with the low overhang of the second level. I actually thought I was in the second level but I was merely in an extension of the first level in a section beginning with 2. Not easy to discern from the seating map on the web site.

While the concessions were nothing to write home about, they do have "specials" geared toward families. Four hot dogs, a liter of soda and a large pop corn was $16.00 and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was $2.00. Tables with white table cloths and linen napkins are set up in the area in back of the first section in the lower bowl. Most of them were empty.

A couple of things unique to this park so far. They offer "Dugout Seats" which are located right on the ground level next to each dugout. Two rows of seats below ground level enclosed by a protective screen. Is this any way to watch a baseball game? Also, this is the only park so far (4 to go) that shows Jackie Robinson's retired number in a color other than blue. What's that all about? A Disney-like rock mountain and waterfall in center field also shoots off fireworks and geysers, including during the national anthem. This is the second stadium that does not have a yellow stripe along the top of the outfield walls.

There were the usual races and gimmicks between innings including "pick of the lot" wherein Angel employees canvas the parking lot to determine which car out there best shows the fans support of the Angels. The license plate is shown and the owner can claim a prize. I couldn't hear what the prize was because the verbal part of the PA system was unintelligible. The music portion, however, was so loud it would give you a headache.

Finally, conversation between patrons was incessant during the game with none of the talk about baseball. Finally, someone started a "Let's go Angels" chant. Problem was that the Tigers were up at the time.

An extremely nice venue built with great foresight.

- Joe Wagg