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Park Report
August 16, 2004
Dodger Stadium
Florida Marlins at Los Angeles Dodgers

Final Score: 4-2, Florida


Dodger Stadium...

Video Baseball Card...

Teeming Masses...

Ladies in Waiting...

Theft is Still a Problem...

Las Vegas?...


Ticket Price:

$17 upper deck behind home plate

Public Transit:

Shuttle from Union Station


$10.00 horrendous

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Mexican Food

Just past the left field wall is a view of hill with the words "THINK BLUE" in huge letters, very much like the famous "HOLLYWOOD(LAND)" sign.

Dominant Color:




100% announced but many empty seats




Unique Adjective:








I suppose we must take into consideration the age of this park but it was built only a few years prior to Angel Stadium and has none of the architectural forethought. Built into a hillside and surrounded with parking on several different levels it reminds me of a pyramid. While parking is plentiful and driving is pretty much the only way to get here, the experience is one of being in a cattle herd. Once you pay your money, you have no choice where you will park. You are herded by cones and people into files and you end up wherever they send you. I finally arrived at my space in a hollow about a mile from the center field fence. Keep in mind my seat was behind home plate on the upper level. About 20 minutes and three climbs up steep steps I was finally admitted, but only to the upper deck. I must confess that having been here several times before, I left after the sixth inning to avoid the hour it takes to get away after the game.

Seats seemed extremely hard causing numb bum several times. I was constantly in shoulder contact with the gentleman next to me. Lines at concessions and rest rooms were constant. Having said all this, the fans were delightful. This was the return of Paul LoDuca, who was a fan favorite and had recently been traded to the Marlins. Due respect and homage was paid in the manner a true fan would expect. The difference between Dodger fans and Angels fans is like night and day. Other than the fact they were both late arriving (traffic might be a reason in LA) there's no comparison. Conversations around me were invariably baseball talk.

This was a Korean Heritage Night with the National Anthem sung by a male Korean octet which was probably the best N A I've seen in any game so far. The outfield is fairly symmetrical and boring. Scoreboards and video screen appear to be brand new, at least they weren't like that two years ago. Sightlines are excellent.

A good place to watch a game when it's half full.

- Joe Wagg