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Park Report
May 29 , 2004
Pro Player Stadium
New York Mets at Florida Marlins

Final Score: 3-2, Florida (10 innings)


Pro Player Stadium...

Go Dolphins, I mean Marlins!

Touchdown, er Home Run!

The Sandbar...

The Scoreboard...

Free Stuff!


Ticket Price:

$12 upper deck behind home plate

Public Transit:



$10 all around the stadium – you MUST remember where you parked

Beer & Dog Price:

$9.50 good sized dog

Best Concession:

Cuban sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, margaritas

The left field wall is called the "Teal Monster."

Dominant Color:

Orange/Aqua (Miami Dolphins colors)



75% but seemed empty


Laid back, but aware


Unique Adjective:








I am visiting the home field of the 2003 World Champions of baseball. They have two world championships in the last six years. The Red Sox have none in the last 85 years. This team was begotten in 1993 and already has two World Series championships. All this success, but no tradition. Marlins logo gear on about 25% of those attending. This is unbelievable in relation to their recent history.

I guess tradition requires many years, regardless of wins and losses. It's just not here yet. I really believe it has something to do with playing in a stadium built exclusively for football. The seats are angled away from play in many instances, forcing you to watch with your neck turned. However, my $12 seat in the front row of the fourth level behind home plate was excellent. I even went back to row 30 and sat there for an inning. I believe this seat is $9.00 and it was a major league bargain. If you don't mind a crick in your neck, there are no bad seats in this park.

The upper deck beyond the foul poles is closed. This leaves a view of thousands of empty orange seats and really makes you feel as though the game is being played in an empty train station. Crowd noise is not a factor and I don't imagine there is much of a home field advantage here. I know there are plans afoot for a new stadium, but I’m not sure of the politics involved. Maybe Mickey Arison of Carnival Cruise Line could get involved, as he did with the Heat (basketball).

Two things I have never experienced in a ballpark before

  1. I could actually hear fans singing along with the National Anthem.
  2. The radio broadcast was done on a six second delay. Very difficult to listen as you watch, since you know what will happen prior to the announcer saying it.

A typical National League game, well played and fast paced. If you're in Miami, this is not a bad take and it's cheap!

- Joe Wagg