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Park Report
May 23 , 2004
Shea Stadium
Colorado Rockies at New York Mets

Final Score: 4-0, New York


Shea Stadium...

A View From The Stands...

Old Glory...

Tom Terrific...

Touchdown at a baseball game...



Ticket Price:

$29 Loge level between home and first base

Public Transit:

Subway, but long ride from Manhattan


$10 open air parking around stadium

Beer & Dog Price:


Best Concession:

Kosher Hot Dogs – really unimaginative offerings

Right under La Guardia flight pattern

Dominant Color:






Attentive, but not knowlegable


Unique Adjective:








While this is supposed to be about the stadium, the story here today was the game itself. Tom Glavine (Billerica, MA) pitched a masterpiece. Perfect game through six innings, no-hitter until 2 out double in the eighth inning. A one-hit complete game shutout! But were the fans aware of what was happening? I don’t think so. After completing six perfect innings, Glavine came up to bat in the bottom of the sixth to a luke warm applause from the fans. These were the only fans who were aware of the perfect game. Disappointing!

This stadium is celebrating its 40th anniversary and certainly looks and feels 40 years old. The seat of my pants are dirty from pigeon shit caked on my seat. They should have issued an ice scraper with the ticket! This is a boring 60's style cookie cuter park with no interesting nooks and crannies in the outfield. The vision board in center field is atrocious. Maybe it looked so bad because last night I was in Philly with a great screen.

Another observation. There were less people wearing home team logo gear than any other park I have visited so far. Is this a comment on the socio-economic condition of the fan base or do they just not care enough to spend the money? I vote for the latter. The fervency of the patron just wasn’t there.

On a positive note, this was Military Appreciation and Cap day. Very emotional (for me) pre-game ceremony including five airborne rangers parachuting from a helicopter onto the playing field. Swell baseball cap and U. S. flag given to everyone upon entrance. I hope to relate the flag to baseball after all parks visited.

Even though the game was a 10, the park is no better than a 5.

- Joe Wagg